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School Improvement


School improvement and Ofsted preparation including monitoring and Internal/Trust/Peer/External review support, plus support before, during and after an inspection.

We pay for external support from leading school advisers who work closely with our leadership teams to develop and enhance the school offer to students.

Curriculum development, staff training and provision across multiple sites leading to improved standards and progress measures with the potential for a collaborative curriculum. We use experts from across our schools as support across all sites to ensure all schools have access to the best practice and advice available.



Curriculum data management and timetabling support leading to stronger data sets and moderation opportunities. We utilise good practices across our Trust to help with management and analysis of data, supporting any development points that may arise.

Safeguarding, behaviour, attendance, advice and support. Whilst we buy into the services of Kym Allan HSC, we also all work together to ensure that our DSLs have the support of one another across the Trust and that they are supported well by our trained Safeguarding governors and trustees.