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The Fells Multi Academy Trust is a growing group of schools which believe in students and in providing the best education for all.


We believe in and provide:

  • Excellent education for all
  • Exceptional leadership and workforce
  • Enhanced pupil wellbeing and development
  • Outstanding facilities and learning environment
  • Strong governance

By becoming a part of The Fells Trust, you will be joining a team whose key objectives are to make a real difference to students' educational well-being and prospects.  Our highly qualified and experienced Leadership Team, together with the Headteachers, Senior Leaders, Governors and Trustees, consider all aspects of school life in order to develop and deliver a comprehensive and wide-ranging curriculum for all students, preparing them for a successful future.


We value the fact that all of our schools are different and know that they all have opportunities and skills to share, so we harness this through strong ties between them where these opportunities and skills are developed across all schools if appropriate - further ensuring the best offer for students and their families. As well as utilising our Leadership Team to support schools to grow and develop, we also identify key practitioners who have strengths which are transferrable across the Trust and can benefit all students.


Deciding to become part of a Multi Academy Trust is not simple, and we would urge all schools considering this to carry out extensive research into what is being offered both locally and nationally. The key point is to choose one with a proven track record in school improvement and one that is able to demonstrate a clear commitment in making a difference to student’s lives.


We believe that The Fells Trust is exactly that kind of Trust. A Trust that is forward thinking, is extremely supportive yet challenging, and is always looking at ways in which further improvements can be made for the benefit of students and staff.  By working collaboratively with and between schools, we can achieve so much more and benefit so many more students across our area. 


Our current plans to grow the trust are focused on finding schools at a range of stages of their journey towards the judgement of ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ who have similar values and principles to us.  We believe that schools joining in this way would reap many benefits from the shared collaboration that is on offer and would enhance the capacity of the Trust.


If you would like more information about us or to discuss either getting support from The Fells Trust schools, or indeed joining our Trust, then please get in touch with our CEO, Paul Slater.

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