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IT Support


IT experts across all sites, supporting our schools through consultation, advice and planning of IT projects and facilities.

Our IT team work closely with Senior Leaders to develop a clear strategic plan for the development and improvement of IT facilities for both staff and students, ensuring that the latest technology is used wherever possible.

Procurement and installation of IT equipment, including hardware, software and all safety measures such as anti-virus, anti-malware and firewalls.

The team offers clear advice and guidance and ensures that we use up to date systems to protect schools as much as possible. They work with schools to plan installations to have the least effect on school life, but to have the most effect on school improvement.



Website development and maintenance with cross site symbiosis where appropriate.

Schools are in charge of their own websites but our team will help with any problems and carry out the annual check of compliance, giving advice of any changes they feel should be made and also ensuring that all links between our websites work efficiently.

IT helpdesk available for all sites with clear ticketing and response times.

Our team are there to help schools maintain all their IT systems at the highest level and will respond to any ticketed issues as soon as possible so that the education of students and the work of staff is not excessively compromised.