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Human Resources


HR and legal support which is based on clear knowledge of our schools and the staff involved.

Our team meets regularly with the Senior Leaders in our schools and  can base themselves in  the schools so that all staff get to know them. Any legal support we require, we buy in from other professional companies so that our schools get the best advice possible.

Support with business development including sharing business opportunities from our other schools.

Our Chief Operations Officer and Finance Officer work closely with the Headteacher to ensure that all business opportunities which benefit our schools are explored and developed, looking at the good practice and opportunities across our schools and seeing if they can be equally applied.



Support for HR and Wellbeing related issues within schools, including policy development.

Staff wellbeing remains paramount.  Our experienced team have a bespoke online system which supports each individual school with their HR needs. From this they support the Headteacher and Governing Bodies with any concerns or issues that may be raised with up to date and pertinent advice. Policies are developed and reviewed as a Trust so there is always access to up to date and relevant information .

Negotiations with unions are supported by the HR team, including working through any TUPE legislation on becoming part of the Trust.