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Health and Safety, maintenance schedules and programs organised and controlled centrally.

The Estates Officer works closely with all Site teams to ensure that all health and safety protocols and maintenance checks are completed on schedule and any actions arising from these are dealt with swiftly, keeping Senior Leaders up to date of any planned works required.

Development of a clear buildings and facilities strategic plan, including support for CIF bids and other grants, especially for eco and sustainability projects.

The Estates Officer, working closely with the Headteacher, site team and governors, develops a clear plan of future works, helping the school to apply for external funding to make them more energy efficient,  sustainable and reduce overall costs.



All contractors and contracts are agreed with the Estates Officer on behalf of our schools and they will ensure that the relevant site teams and school staff know of planned works, as well as ensuring that all health and safety and safeguarding protocols are applied and in place.

Policies and procedures regularly updated and maintained at Trust level.

All policies, procedures and risk assessments are maintained by the Estates Officer and are written in consultation with Kym Allan HSC, working closely with relevant staff within our school settings. These are available for all staff who are regularly updated.